Guardians of the Galaxy Premium Pinball Machine

$7,999.00 $6,399.20

Condition: Mint
Year Released: 2017
Dimensions: 27″ W x 55″ D x 76″ H
Weight: 250 lbs
Stern Pinball

Guardians of the Galaxy Premium Pinball Machine by Stern For Sale

Premium Guardians of the Galaxy Pinball Machine

The game will immerse players in a dynamic, challenging, and galactic pinball environment in which Star-Lord, Rocket, Gamora, Drax the Destroyer, and Groot fight Ronan to prevent him from destroying the galaxy with the Infinity Stone.

Stern’s Guardians of the Galaxy Pro, Premium, and Limited Edition pinball machines are loaded with gameplay-enhancing features. Each game includes a sculpted and interactive Groot that consumes balls. In addition, a custom-sculpted Rocket figure that fires the ball back at rocket speed will keep participants on their toes. The enigmatic and interactive Orb, which when opened reveals the potent Infinity Stone, is highlighted by inserts that transform colour. In addition, the Limited Edition and Premium models include additional magnets, custom artwork, RGB illumination, and sculpted Groot limbs that extend across the playfield.


Protectors of the Galaxy Pinball showcases the greatest sci-fi, comedy, and action from the most popular franchises.
Attractions Ken Hale’s original score music and other compositions
All models feature distinctive hand-drawn original artwork by artist Christopher Franchi.
Multiball action talking Groot bash toy with motorized mandible secures balls
specialized Groot limbs
The Orb’s motorized mechanism unfolds and closes to disclose the illuminated Infinity Stone.
Three playfield magnets positioned in the centre of the playfield to deflect and generate multiball pandemonium.
Dropping a target with a trip coil to secure and release the pellets qualifies Orb Multiple ball eight interactive game variants
HD video clips from the original film that correspond to game modes
Groot basher with motorized mandible Groot four-ball lock mechanism
Figurine of a rocket with coil-assisted discharge recoil
Target reduction via trip coil virtual ball lock
One playfield magnet positioned in the centre of the playing field to deflect and produce multiball pandemonium.
Guardians of the Galaxy pub advertising target
2 Control gate divert mechanisms on the leading lanes
2 Spinners
3 RGB LED multicolor burst bumpers
5 Hadron Enforcer and 2 Groot are standing objectives.
2 Flippers
Two high-velocity platforms extending through the rear panel
4 Flashing LED staircase mini mars domes
Ramp decals at ramp entrances
Ball lift return
Illuminated vertical feature-billboard

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