Indiana Jones Pinball Machine (2008) by Stern

$7,499.00 $5,999.20

Condition: Mint
Year Released: 2008
Dimensions: 28″ W x 56″ D x 76″ H
Weight: 250 lbs
Stern Pinball

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Indiana Jones Pinball Machine is a tribute to the saga of Indiana Jones and it holds in one game all four successful movies dedicated to the George Lucas’ character. In fact on the playfield there is an area dedicated to each of the four episodes: so one part is reserved for ‘Raiders of the Lost Ark’, one part for ‘Temple of Doom’, another one to ‘Last Crusade’ and finally one part dedicated to the last title: “Kingdom of the Crystal Skull”.

On the playfield there are a lot of typical elements that recall famous scenes from the Indiana Jones movies, such as the Holy Grail that characterized ‘The Last Crusade’, or a part of the ‘Temple of Doom’, and also the ‘Lost Ark’. The multiball that is linked to this last episode is a very intense moment of the game.The bonus linked to the ‘Temple of Doom’ can be activated by a mechanism in the central part of the playfield – is an area of the surface that is alternately rising and lowering, discovering a crack where the ball must enter, finding the right moment for it.

Indiana Jones Pinball Machine For Sale

Indiana Jones Pinball Machine Rules:

  • Plunge the pinball to collect the lit “Skill Shot” feature.
  • Shoot the “Ark” to start “Raiders Multiball”. In Radiders Multiball, collect Jackpots and return to the Ark to complete movie scenes.
  • Collect “Sankara Stones” to start “Temple of Doom Multiball”
  • Hint: keep hiting the lower Captive Balls until it opens, then shoot the ball into the hole.
  • Shoot the “Crystal Skull Ramp” to collect “Crystal Skull Movie Awards (including Extra Ball!).
  • Shoot the “Holy Grail (Cup) Scoop” to start th e”Last Crusade Mode”. Shoot flashing shots to collect.
  • Shoot the “Holy Grail Scoop” when lit to collect the “Mystery” feature.
  • Shoot upper Captive Balls in the Map Room to start the Cairo Swordsman Hurry-Up. Shoot again to collect.
  • Spell out I-N-D-Y or J-O-N-E-S to relight Targets for “Indy Jones” Scoring.

Game Features:

Mulitball, Playfield Magnet(s), Captive/Messenger Ball, Ramps, Spinner(s), Cellar Hole, Voice, Playfield Mechanical Animation

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